About Us

Avenue education consultancy is one of the pioneer institute of its kind in the Chit wan, Nepal .It is a provider of short term exam preparation for exams like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE and GMAT.AEC is a study abroad consultancy that represent institute around the world and place students in these institutions.AEC is a part of a global network that focuses on the betterment of students and helps them to achieve their academic objectives. We work with various partners around the globe in facilitating access to information for students. AEC stands for trust, integrity, quality and unswerving commitment to the aspirations of its students. It has etched its fame in the annals of education in Nepal by providing quality short term courses and reliable placement services to the Nepalese students. Avenue education consultancy is the institute with the largest scope and largest wingspan in Nepal.

Avenue is not only one of the pioneer consultancy in Nepal .It is also the most qualitative. It is more a mindset than an institute. It is this mindset of inspiring trust, possessing integrity, providing quality and harboring unswerving commitment that had seen in education consultancy industry. We are a kind of mindset that encourages proactive communication for the betterment of the academic world. We are also a mindset that advocates the adoption of the best professional standards possible and the highest levels of integrity.


The visions at AEC is to bring about the best possible outcome for each individual who chooses to obtain our services .Our vision is also to contribute to society at large by establishing the best standards possible in all our endeavors.
AEC strongly encourages every student to follow their academic dreams and believes that if one makes an honest and sustained effort to achieve one’s objectives, success is inevitable.
AEC believes in integrity applied to every endeavor by an AEC staff member or student. We believe that in today’s world, a great way to stand out is to present oneself with dignity, humility and truthfulness .Moreover, to serve the educational sector and the nation by making continuous investment towards helping the students get quality and diverse educational opportunities.


The guiding principal at AEC is providing exam preparation and placement services that are on par with the very best in the world .In the mean time, to support the social issues by innovative means in order to improve the quality of life and thereby creating a pool of students round the world for the social cause.


True to our vision, we aim at remaining synonymous with any force that looks at accessing knowledge’s through diversity, optimizing study option to suit every student’s need and setting a benchmark for quality control, delivery and corporate social responsibility in the education industry.


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