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Intensive English Language

The Intensive English Language Course at AEC will work on your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, emphasizing particularly on your spoken English. We assess your needs and we work with you to build on the specific skills which you require to meet your own goals.

We will take you beyond typical classroom English and ensure that you are capable of using English when communicating in real life situations.

 Levels and Aptitude Test
The Intensive English Language course is conducted at 6 levels from Beginners to Advanced, which each level lasting for 10 weeks. Students are tested and interviewed by academic personnel on the first day to determine the appropriate level for them to begin at. Placement is based on the entrance interview, test results, professional and academic background, age, and the personal goals of the student.


 Self-Access Lab
We have a superb Self-Access Lab which offers students materials designed to help improve their language skills: speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The Self-Access Lab is available at appropriate hours for students to work in on their own time, so as to enhance their language skills. Our Lab includes state-of-the-art learning equipment complete with headphones, computers, printed materials, and audio tapes.


 Multimedia Language Lab
In the Multimedia Language Lab we use engaging video programs on topics of particular relevance and interest to both young and old students. Students at AEC are welcome to use our Multimedia Language Lab to help improve their facility of English in real life situations, practical conversations, and class participation in skits, plays etc.


The library facilities are open to all our students from Mondays through Fridays. Our library is fully equipped with materials for students of all levels to meet their respective learning needs.


 Intensive Language at AEC
Builds confidence in English in the shortest possible time.
Lessons are personalised to meet student’s needs.
Uses real-world English.
Individual and group classes are available.
The best English teaching staff in Nepal.
AEC’s enticing and the most popular program.








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